What we do!

When people walk in our store, a frequent question we get is “What do you do?”


When it comes to your Mac, it could be easier to start with what we don’t do. We’ve been known to say “Your Macintosh is our business!” Of course we sell new Macs, i.e. MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini…

Whether you are purchasing a single computer or you are buying or leasing hundreds (or more) Macs for your business, Create More is ready to support your needs.

In our store we also have accessories for Macs, iPhones, and iPads as well as other fun techie gadgets as well as fun “lifestyle” items we hope you will enjoy.

IT Services

From day one Create More was started to make¬†sure your Mac is doing what you need it to do. Whether that’s send and receive email from friends and family or running your business, Create More has an IT solution for you.


Additionally, when your Mac does something you don’t want it to do or maybe you need a simply hard drive or RAM upgrade, our repair shop is ready to handle your warranty (AppleCare) or non warranty needs.

In our store, in your home or in your office, Create More is ready to make sure your Mac is up and running and helping you get your job done.

Some of our featured solutions are:

LightSpeed Retail Point of Sale
Back up solutions, from home user to enterprise solutions
Remote Training and Support
IP Security Camera Systems
Home Automation

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