Our Story


Started as a business development and consulting firm, Create More has grown into San Francisco’s Premier Apple Specialist. After 13 years in business and approaching 11 years at the same SOMA/South Beach location, Create More continues to grow and find ways to work with you to enhance your Macintosh experience. A real store that you can walk in to and browse products, no appointment repair service and a training center are just some of ways we make your decision to work with Create More an easy one.

At Create More, we want to be more than the Apple computer dealer where you buy your new Macintosh, iPads, iPods, peripherals and accessories. We want to be your source for support and information too. When you refer to your friend who knows about computers, we want that to be us!

Our staff is eager to answer your questions and work with you and provide you with the products and solutions you need. Pre and post sale support is equally important to us.  We want you to get the right computer and then make sure that it does what you need and you are comfortable using it!

The relaxed boutique environment of our store is just the start of how we want you to enjoy your Mac experience.

How do you go from business development to selling Macs? We’re glad you asked!

In 1997, the seeds of Create More were planted. Looking for better ways to grow a business. What are the most effective marketing solutions? How should a business position itself? How to communicate these finding to clients?

These were but a few questions that were the foundation of Create More. Through workshops, research, and partnerships, a solid base was built. Officially formed in 1999, Create More worked with clients to grow their businesses. In the process of learning about our clients, we also learned a lot about ourselves, but we’ll get to that shortly

In working with our clients on their businesses, we found certain obstacles. To grow, focus needed to be kept on processes and not infrastructure. That’s just a fancy way of saying, you can’t win the race if you can find the keys to start your car.

It became clear to us, that if we could simplify the day to day, our clients could then focus on the task at hand, building and growing their businesses. The more time we spent on simplifying the process of doing business, the more we realized technology was the biggest hurdle. The more we made recommendations on technology, the more we realized we needed to be the source of the technology we recommended and implemented.

It wasn’t long before we realized our true calling. We took a hard look at what we were doing and what was most effective for our clients. Creating, managing, and implementing technology solutions would be far more valuable to our clients.

We still continue to evolve and grow, and we always have our clients’ best interest in mind. Whether it’s a home user or a company with hundreds of users, we want to make sure the use of their Macs is productive, effective, and as easy as possible.

With all of the web sites and big box stores, we’re happy to be a small, independently owned business with the one main goal in mind – you and your Mac.